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First, thank you so much to every one that wished me a happy Birthday! I had a great day :D I definitely don't feel 30 years old wow lol. This time I got Monster High Dolls and other toy related things. Still a kid at heart haha.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Holiday season. I'm finally just starting to wind down from it all myself and have more time to do art related things :)

I'd love to take on a few small pixel commissions if anyone is interested!
Prices subject to change depending on detail you want, but Base prices for avatars for now are:
Static - $5
Simple Animation (blinking, sparkles etc) - $7
Detailed Animation (bouncing, movement, etc) - $10+

I'll only open 3 slots for now to see if anyone is wanting something! If you're wanting something larger than 50x50 send me a note and we'll see if I can do it:)
Hello! It's been awhile again. Life and personal things have kept me elsewhere. 

I know I have spoken briefly to people about possible commissions from time to time but never been able to follow up with pricing info etc. I really love taking commissions and getting to do things for other people, but I'm just not in a place to be taking things on for others right now. I'm sorry :( 

I do however have a bunch of work to upload that I've done for myself to try and stay happy and sane haha
Thankyou so much to those who have adopted, or offered to adopt a Slyme Grrl so far! ^^
I've updated batch 1's image with each Slyme Grrl's new name and owner.

Adopt - Slyme Grrls Batch 1 : Open by firstfear

Right now there's only one Slyme Grrl left in Batch 1 either not gone to a new home, or on hold! :jump:

Check out some of the love Slyme Grrls have received so far :heart:

Susie SlimeBoat by DovieCaba Eyeletta Slyme Grrl by Odyrah I'm Scared of Strangers by vortex-larva
Happy Valentines everyone! :iconvdayplz:

I havnt had a chance to make any Vday related art in a few years but here's some of my older Vday work

Photo - All for You by firstfear Vector - Vday by firstfear

Pixel - Vday Admiration 1 by firstfearDoll - Secret Admirer by firstfearPixel - Vday Admiration 2 by firstfear
I don't have a great connection right now, but I wanted to say thank you so much for the DD and all of the favs/comments on my Gingerville Deviation! :hug::heart: A wonderful surprise! ^^

Happy Holidays everyone

Pixel-Gingerville by firstfear
So I've been gone for awhile again for the most part. Now that i'm trying to reorganize a few things in my gallery I've noticed several deviations that have somehow ended in my scraps? I don't recall putting them there...all of them seem to be free resources I'd made for people to download (zip files of pixel images etc).

Did a staff member for someone move a bunch of my stuff to scraps? why? X_x;;

I'm just confused and dont want those things in my scraps

I know I can move them out of there but if a Staff member did it and is just going to go back and do it again I'd prefer to know..(wouldnt it have told me or something?)
EDIT://THANK YOU Arichy !! ^^ :heart:

I'd enjoy a Premium Membership for the Holidays. I don't know how much I'll be around myself per-say as I still don't have internet on my dinky computer replacement, but I havnt been able to deco my page for viewers since Easter.

So if anyone is interested in buying me a PM I'd be happy to pixel an avatar or small image for them ^^
-no people right now (sorry, too frustrating for me right now, unless its just the face)
-animals OK
-pokemon (etc) OK
-objects OK
-small animation OK

you get the idea ^^

(( obviously dont give me a PM without talking to me first about what YOU want in return))

Uhm..Free PM for me? buh?

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 7:14 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

Still no computer with internet, I just have a few minutes on someone elses right now...but..why do I still have a one month premium membership?

The last time i looked it said i had 5 days left..its been more than 5 days since then and I was expecting to need to renew it, now says i have a month left?? Yet no indication of it having been bought for me either by a specific person or even anonymously. Usually even if it's done 'in secret' or whatever does it not still tell you THAT someone even DID it for you? O_o;;

whats going on? not complaining just really really confused. (why would someone complain LOL)

There she goes

Tue Mar 25, 2014, 6:08 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

As is to be expected I guess, my computer is being borky again. This time it seems to just be a windows issue though and not a hardware one.

Things just arent going my way with technology lately haha. I thought about booting up ubuntu from a usb, but now the only working portable drive of any type I have left with enough room on it is also suddenly not working. It was working fine last time I checked, but it wont register -whatsoever- on this laptop (multiple ports to try and other devices working fine).

So..not sure what to do for now other than wait until I can find another usb to try using..and thats just to try and even see if my files are still there x_x. No art from me for awhile again I guess (not my laptop i'm posting from)

I'm probably going to need to do a clean install of windows and all my programs x_x

Missing Deviations

Wed Mar 12, 2014, 8:12 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

Edit 2:// DA is not saving my titles on uploads through stash. I thought it had happened once already but figured i must have been mistaken about typing in the title somehow but its just happened again on 2 deviations in a row where I -know- i typed them in and i -know- they were still there on the submit page (i type it in on the stash upload)
Vexel - Emoji 15 by firstfear what is happening lol

I've also noticed that in the add media box..all my gallery folders show except my stamp folder. Its just not there :confused: so im having to still manually go to deviation pages and copy the thumb code when i want to add anything from that folder. Anyone else have 'missing' folders in their add media window?

DA also tried to tell me my PM had expired and to buy a new one (that pop up window)..except i renewed it the day before. scared me for a sec haha


So it would appear I either didn't upload some stuff I made last year, or Deviantart has EATEN some things..I truely can't recall. I know I posted the things in question to tumblr but dont remember if I put them here or not. I do know though that certain deviations ..are there...but not there? Older ones anyways.

Meaning Going to 'all' (not featured or a folder) under my gallery and looking page by page I cannot find certain things I KNOW I uploaded (especially b/c I still see people faving them). Searching for them however..brings them up x__x..soo....where are they? LOL

I guess apologies upfront if i've already uploaded any of what I'll be adding in over the next few days

((at least this is less annoying than when I discovered some years ago now that DA had EATEN my first deviations. A huge chunk of my first submissions on this account at some point along the way just ..broke. The pages were still there but all of the images were broken no matter what I did so I put them in storage :/

Go Go Go

Wed Mar 12, 2014, 1:06 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

I don't know why my body/brain does this to me, but I go for long periods of time with out much inspiration or care to draw much and then everything comes in at once..I want to do EVERYTHING now now now.  Too many ideas.

Things to do :
-Finish organizing my watch list in to groups(personal)
-Finish 1000px wide Welcome Home Isometric piece x_o (already started - (personal))
-Create more program stamps(request)
-Create more social media icons(request)
-Start Monster Girl Dolls (personal)
-Revisit possibility of MOPP 'Growing' Pets for DA (started long ago - (personal))
-Finish As2 Game working name 'Mindful Baker' (already started - (personal))
-Salvage what I can of self portrait lost from external drive (personal)
-Finish journal skin template to upload (already started - (personal))

Organizing Woes

Mon Mar 3, 2014, 2:51 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

Edit:// So I'm unsure now if I need to edit my templates after all. they seem fine to me, not sure where the issues were people were having (vague comments). On to the next thing then.

I've been trying to organize my gallery a bit and am finding it tedious x_x.
1.Forgot / didnt realize You can only have 1 set of subfolders (bagh)
2.I can only seem to PERIODICALLY select multiple deviations. Ie sometimes I go to move more than 1 and it lets me..sometimes it will unselect all but 1 and only move that 1 when I tell it the folder to go to. Yet I'm doing nothing different as far as I can tell.
3.You can't move thigs UP in the gallery nest by dragging..only down. So Moving things from one folder to another in the main gallery takes -forever- .
4.More gripes..*crinkle face*

but anyways, I've moved some stuff around.

I'll be going back next and trying to take a look at my old installable journal skins. Some of the code is outdated or can be made cleaner etc.

In the Nick of Time : Not Quite

Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:46 PM
Posted by firstfear on:

It would seem I uploaded what I the nick of time. The files I'd worked on recently had been saved to an external hard drive. The drive isn't's only from the fall in fact..but I've stepped on it while it was plugged in (my tower is on the floor) and now I can't access any of the files on it. My computer makes the usual windows baboong sound when you plug a usb device in, but the light no longer comes on and the drive isn't actually displayed anywhere but in the device manager and the remove devices safely window. Any attempt to interact with the drive through these two places or any kind of file recovery program immediately freezes the window in question and just sits there unresponsive.

I'm surprisingly calm about the matter. There wasn't a lot of files lost that I don't have elsewhere as well, but there were a few things I may not be able to fully recover. Some I'll have to start over and it's okay as I hadn't worked much on them..but one file I had been working on periodically as the only piece of my own art I had any mind to look at for months. I've found some earlier versions on my computer's harddrive but there's a lot of time and work many hours. I don't think I have the heart to redo what's missing from the piece so it may now remain forever unfinished.

Perhaps it's suiting in a way. It was so close to done..I could have uploaded it anytime really. I was only seemed unfinished. the nick of time..but not quite.

Wow, so it's been a year and 2 days since my last journal update and about 10 months since my last deviation upload.

I won't go in to what's occurred over the past year to keep me from being active here and I can't promise that I'll be able to pick my activity back up again at least not right away, but I've been trying to draw again lately and it does feel good to do so.

thank you to those of you who have left me comments wondering where I was, and to those who simply stuck around and continued using my graphics and crediting me even though I wasn't here.

I've spent some time over the past month or so putting together a few of the stamps people have requested, keep an eye out for them in my gallery soon :)

Pixel Tutorial Finished!

Sun Feb 24, 2013, 2:22 AM

Step by Step : My Pixel Basics

Sun Feb 24, 2013, 2:17 AM
Title by firstfear

Book by firstfearIntro by firstfear

I've had people from time to time ask me how I pixel, and I've never really been sure how to explain. It hasn't been until the past few years that i've really thought too much about what I was doing beyond experimenting and learning new things. I think I've rounded out some basic guidelines I usually follow and a friend wanted some advice so I decided to attempt some sort of explanation :)

Below are some step by step images and commentary. Please note that there is no one right way to create a piece of art. This Step by Step is meant only to impart some understanding of how I do things :). In Pixel art alone there are many many 'styles'. I encourage anyone reading to look up more than one tutorial and seek critique if trying to learn their own pixel style.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes, and take note that I use Photoshop 7.0, but the same principals should apply to Newer Versions as well as possibly Gimp and other programs as well.

Pixel   Construction 2 By Firstfear-d4qfk9n by firstfearPixel   Construction 1 By Firstfear-d4qfk0q by firstfearPixel   Construction 2 By Firstfear-d4qfk9n by firstfear

Please do not trace/edit/or recreate any images in this tutorial. The images here are meant to show you what I was doing step by step, the apple is just an example. This tutorial is not teaching you how to pixel an apple :). (Feel free of course to pixel one yourself, just do not use my outlines)
Cubeturnclr by firstfear

Book by firstfearWhatis by firstfear

I'm going to assume that anyone reading this has at least a basic visual understanding of what pixel art looks like, but here's the finished example for this tutorial.

Apple by firstfear

Below are some very basic rules* to follow when creating Pixel art .
definition of pixel art varies from person to person sometimes, so my word isn't be all end all here haha <3.

  • Pixel art is made using the Pencil tool set to 1px

    This tool can be found in Photoshop, Gimp, MSPaint, and other Image Editing Programs.
  • Pixels are placed individually (one by one)

    for outlines and shading. Bucket/Fill tool can also be used to fill large areas with a single colour.
  • Tools like Dodge, Burn, the Paintbrush, any special 'effect' added renders the piece no longer 'True Pixel Art'

  • Drawing* with the Pencil tool set to an Opacity lower than 100% renders the piece no longer 'True Pixel Art'

    *Note that you will see later that I do use opacities to create my palettes sometimes, but using opacity while working on the actual piece creates extra colours out of your control.

Other Examples from my Gallery

Avatar - CaityBear Shock by firstfear AV - Pink Bow Transformation by firstfear Pixel - Eternal Moon Article by firstfear
Pixel - Welcome Home Mockup by firstfear Pixel - Through the Haze by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
1 by firstfear

I never work on a white background. The contrast looking at pixels that close tends to hurt my eyes. Try using a light neutral grey colour.

Start out by creating a new layer(see image below sketch) above the Background layer and doodle/sketch what you want to Pixel, but use the Paintbrush Tool (1px). This is just a preliminary sketch to help us out later.

1 by firstfear

Cubeturngrey by firstfear

Before moving on to step two. Make sure you have your sketch layer selected and set it's opacity to somewhere around 50%. Just light enough to pixel over, but dark enough to still see.

2b by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
2 by firstfear

Create a new Layer to Pixel on

  • Select the Pencil tool (1px) and try following the darkest pixels of the paintbrush line you created. I've used a dark grey, but you can use any colour really so long as it is darker or brighter than the sketch behind your pixel layer (so you can see where you've placed your lines)
3 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
3 by firstfear

hmm something doesn't seem right here still. We have wibbly lines!

With Pixel art it can be important where -every- pixel is placed. Making a pixel segment too long or too short can create jagged and wibbly bumps in your line when viewed from 100%.

3b by firstfear

In order to avoid these jagged lines for smooth surfaces (like the apple), we need to take some numbers in to account and turn our Wibbly line in to what I call a Gradiated line. We need to gradually angle/slope the pixels.

Below is an example of an unGradiated line vs a Gradiated line.

Gradiated by firstfear

Notice how on the un-gradiated line that the segments (groups of pixels that create smaller lines within the line)are very fragmented in their length. There are segment lengths of 3 right next to segment lengths of just 1 for example.
 This creates ‘juts’ or angles that often create detail we aren’t looking to be there.

In the Gradiated line no segments are touching another segment with a length any more than 1 pixel longer than itself until it reaches the top where the ‘curve’ ends. For example, if the segment was two pixels long. The segments touching it would be typically 3 pixels, or 1 pixel long. The length of the pixel segment beside it will determine the rate of decline/incline of the slope/angle.

Think of diagonal 1 pixel segments as segments unto themselves as well. I’ve marked these in green so you can see their decline as the slop rises.

Changing the number of pixels in segments will change the slope/angle as seen below :)

Slope by firstfear

There is a lot more information I could go in to on this subject. I may try to go further in a separate tutorial at a later date, but for now here is what I ended up with after applying the above and just using my own best judgment or trial and error (zooming out and viewing 100% then zooming in again and making small changes).

4 by firstfear

Now that we have our basic Pixel lines you can delete or hide your doodle/sketch.

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
4 by firstfear

Book by firstfearPalette Intro

Before we can start shading in our lines we need to create a Palette.
There are many ways to create a palette depending on different factors like lighting, style, size of the image, etc.

I may create a separate tutorial in the future that goes more in depth with palette creation and colours. For now I'll give a brief explanation of some things before moving on to actually creating our palette for this example.

Cubeturngrey by firstfear

The size of your image and/or the area you are shading can make a difference in the number of colours you use, and the contrast between each of them.
  • The smaller the area the fewer colours you need to convey the same amount of detail. Too many colours in a small space can make things look muddled and hard to read. Too few colours in a larger space without Dithering (Dithering Step by Step coming later) creates jagged visible lines in your shading
  • The smaller the area, the more contrast you need to convey the same amount of detail. Too little contrast makes things muddled and hard to read. Too much contrast in a larger space creates jagged visible lines in your shading.

    So to recap.
    Small areas = More Contrast, Fewer Colours
    Large areas = Less Contrast, More Colours

    Normally my larger areas have at least 7 colours, but it will again depend on the size.

Cubeturngrey by firstfear

I'm unsure about other Programs, but in Photoshop, you choose your colours using the Color Picker.

Clrpckr by firstfear
- Double-Click this in your Toolbar to open the Color Picker.
-Click the arrow in the right corner to switch between the two colours selected.

I won't touch on using the color Picker right now (there are tutorials for this already), but this is what it looks like.

Sat by firstfear

Here is the Palette I created to use with this Step by Step.

Below, I'll explain how it was created.

I've named the colours for convenience in this commentary :).

Palettefull by firstfear
  • First choose a Base Colour for each part of the image using the 'Color Picker'.
    In this case I'm pixeling an apple so I need a red, a brown, and a green. I've named these colours, b3, r6, and g6.

Palette0 by firstfear

  • Then, choose a darker version of each colour. This will be your Outline Colour.
    Try to keep them around the same darkness and saturation to the eye regardless of how light/dark the base colour is. I've named these colours b1, r1, and g1.
Palette1 by firstfear

  • Next create an 'Inner Line' colour
    I create this colour by selecting the Outline colour (r1 for the red), setting the pencil tool to around 70% Opacity and colouring over the Base colour (r6). I end up wth r2, and g2.

    (There are no 'Inner Lines' on the stem so the Brown palette does not need this colour!)
  • So Using your base(r6) create a square of colour. Then, select your outline colour, set the pencil tool to 70% and colour over top of the Base colour square you just made.  The colour you create is your Inner Line Colour. Remember to set your Opacity back to 100%! Opacity by firstfear - Pencil Opacity located on 'Options' Bar (Window>Options)
Palette2b by firstfear

  • Create a Highlight Colour
    This I create by selecting the Base colour and upping the Brightness and Lowering the Saturation using the 'Color Picker'. I have no set amount for how bright I make this, I just go by eye. I end up with b4, and r7.

    Take note! The brown highlight is Brighter because it will be for a smaller area. Therefor as mentioned earlier, I need more contrast between these colours.

    (There is no Highlight colour for the leaf because the green is already fairly bright. Use your own judgement here)

Palette2 by firstfear

  • Create a Midtone between the Base and Inner Line Colours.
    I create this colour by selecting the Inner Line colour (r2), setting the Pencil tool to around 60%, and colouring over the Base colour (r6).
    (note that because the brown area is so small i decided it only needed 4 colours. To find this colour I actually set the Pencil tool to 50% instead of 60%). I end up with b2, r4, g4.
  • So Using your base again(r6) create a square of colour. Then, select your inner line colour (r2), set the pencil tool to 60%  and colour over top of the Base colour square you just made.  The colour you create is your Midtone.

Palette3 by firstfear

  • Create the Remaining filler shades required.
    To create the remaining colours I Selected the Midtone (r4), set the Pencil tool to 50%, and coloured over both the Inner Line Color (r2), and The Base Color (r6). I end up with r2 and g2 from the Inner Line Colour, and r5 and g5 from the Base Color.
  • So This time create new squares of colour using your Base(r6) and your Inner Line Colour(r2). Then, select your Midonte (r2), set the pencil tool to 50%  and colour over top of the Base and Inner Line squares you just made.  The colours you create are your remaining filler shades..

Palette4 by firstfear

And so here we have our finished Palettes!

Palettefull by firstfear
Cubeturnclr by firstfear
5 by firstfear

Shading Begins!

This tutorial doesn't touch on *how* to shade things according to light source. There are many tutorials about this subject and it doesnt specifically apply to just Pixel Art. This is again to just show my process :)

  • Use your Base Colours to 'fill' the open areas of your Outlines. (b3,r6,g6)
    Select the Paint Bucket Tool and make sure that Contiguous has a checkmark beside it. 'Fill' Each area with the colours you want by clicking in the open spaces contained by your lines.

    The Contiguous option allows you to fill in only the contained area you click in. Otherwise it would fill -everything- of the same colour you are clicking (in this case transparent since there is no colour yet.)

    Contig by firstfear - located in the Options Bar along the top when the Paint Bucket is selected. (Window>Options)

  • Use your Outline Colours and fill or pixel the Outlines. (b1,r1,g1)
    You have a few options here. The first being to simply go back over the outlines pixel by pixel with their respective new colour.

    or, You can  Use the Paint Bucket Tool to 'fill' the Pixel Segments with their new colour. (again keeping contiguous selected)

    OR, you can 'lock' your layer, select a larger pixel size for your pencil (Say..3-5px) and then scribble/colour over your lines. Locking the layer keeps the original shape of the layer. No transparent pixels can be filled or coloured in. no current pixels placed can be erased. So it's a fast way to fill an entire layer with new colours and not 'go over the lines' so to speak.
Layerlock by firstfear

  • Use your Inner Line Colours and pixel over any 'Outline' contained 'inside' that coloured area. (r2,g2)
    Each separate 'area' of the pixel (apple, leaf, stem) should be contained within the Outline Colour (b1,r1,g1). Use the Inner Line Colour only within these areas for now.

5 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
6 by firstfear

  • Select your Midtone (r4) and begin Shading with the pencil tool where you think shadow might hit.

    For now we're just thinking in two colours. Shadow, and highlight.

6 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
7 by firstfear

  • Select your lighter Filler colour (r5) and create some shading between the Midtone and Base Colors (r4 and r6).

    The larger the areas of colour touching each other, the larger the area you will need to shade in between them (note the larger area of this new shade at the bottom of the apple compared to near the stem).

7 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
8 by firstfear

  • Select your darker filler colour (r3) and add some shading between the Midtone (r4) and the Outline/Inner Line (r1/r2).

8 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
9 by firstfear

This Step is Optional for beginners.
  • Using the Inner Line Colour (r2), Add some Anti-Aliasing
    Anti-Aliasing is pixels you've added to try and 'smooth' contrasting shades together to avoid jagged lines against darker/brighter colours.

    I won't go in to it right now but here is at least a visual example of how I do this. Look at the previous image again to compare.

9 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
10 by firstfear

  • Select your Highlight Colour (r7) and shade in where you think your light source would hit the most area.

10 by firstfear

Cubeturnclr by firstfear
11 by firstfear

Everyone Makes Mistakes!

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes it's hard to see things from so close up. Always make sure to zoom back out and take a look from proper scale.

Here I fixed an area on the left where I thought it was too dark.

11 by firstfear
Cubeturnclr by firstfear
12 by firstfear

After shading all the areas this is what I ended up with!

There are still some shading mistakes in this example, but I hope you enjoyed learning my process!

Apple by firstfear

12 by firstfear
Cubeturnclr by firstfear

So...We're done right?....or are we?

Dithering - Coming Soon
Anti-Aliasing - Coming soon
Palettes In Depth - Coming Soon

Have a Step by Step Request? Let me know :)
Cubeturnclr by firstfear

My Woes with Stash Writer

Sat Feb 23, 2013, 6:02 PM

After finally finishing and publishing the tutorial I've noticed yet another possible bug :/.

For some reason anything i've made an h5 SHRINKS IN SIZE once published to DA from Stash. So on Stash I set to H5 so text will look bigger...only to find that once published its smaller than what was originally displayed (yet other text is not)

I have no coding in the skin i'm using to define the H5, so it must be something on DA's end that is -forcing- the change once published.

I'm sure I could fix it easily by simply defining custom h5 code in my css, but I shouldn't *have* to in order for things to stay as Stash is choosing to display them to me.

In the past I've not had the opportunity to use Stash Writer. It was always just faster for me to make text updates to my journal from the main DA site where I already was.

When I started creating the tutorial I'm working on I decided that instead of making a single huge image or writing up some sort of web page to format things, I would instead use Stash Writer so I could insert separate images and text as I went along, while saving drafts and being able to publish right away when I was done.

Things were fine at first. I'm about ready to rip my hair out though :(

Some of the issues may be due to my connection, but some of them are not.

  • Hitting 'Enter' while inside of a blockquote ERASES anything below that point still contained within the blockquote.
    So If I go back to edit in more information and want to go down to a new paragraph I MUST remember to hit Shift+Enter twice instead of just Enter once.

  • Once a chunk of images/text has been erased by hitting Enter, there in NO undo function.
    Right-clicking>undo doesn't work or is greyed out. Toolbar Edit>Undo also doesnt work or is greyed out. Ctrl+z also does...yup you guessed it..nothing, haha

  • Refreshing the page doesn't work to get back your now lost data.
    Autosave kicks in WAY too much. I can load the file, erase something by accident within 10 seconds of it loading, refresh, and still see than an autosave had kicked in.

possible connection related issue
  • When loading the file i often have to refresh 4-7 times for all of the images to load. Upon first load often only 3-4 images load. Refresh..and I'll get a few more images loading each time, but if I dont refresh it will eventually just sit there (done loading according to the browser), but half the images missing.

    UNLESS of course I look in the html. In the html the images are still...*there*, I just can't *see* them in Rich Text mode without refreshing over and over.

Pixel Art Tutorial : Help me Out?

Fri Feb 15, 2013, 7:34 PM
EDIT://  Thank you so much to everyone that has wanted to help me out! ^^ I've sent the link to a few people so far, thank you so much to those who have replied and given their opinion so far from those I sent it to <3

I'll be sending the link to a few more people, but I need to make some changes/add some things to the tutorial after some critique from my friend on some missing info ^^

Also, unfortunately the majority of this tutorial will not apply to MSPaint. Since I'm using Windows I'm capable of opening the program and looking at it myself to know :).  This tutorial uses layers, and other elements that I *know* MSPaint does not have. I'm sorry!


I've finished recently a tutorial on how I do a lot of my pixelling :).

I'll be publishing it to my journal, but before I do so I would love if I could get a few volunteers to give it a read through and make sure it makes sense and I didn't miss any obvious mistakes :).

I'd love at least 1 person with Photoshop experience, and some people with experience in other programs I don't use (I only use Photoshop) so I know if it can actually translate at all to other programs easily.

So! If you could help me out! Leave me a comment with what program you use and I'll send you a link in note to the tutorial :3


Thank you Everyone! :)

Sat Dec 22, 2012, 3:49 PM

Thank you to everyone that left me a Birthday greeting yesterday! My Birthday was quiet for the most part, no party or cake etc, but I went shopping for Christmas presents for my family so I got to get out and managed to find myself a few things too :).

I'm still going through messages but will thank you all individually ^^

Bought myself some rings for my Bday at the QuinteMall :3


a new shirt and earrmuffs from the Pacific Mall :3

Senior Member Forum? o_0

Sun Dec 9, 2012, 10:56 AM
Soo...what's the point of letting NONSENIORS know when a SENIOR MEMBER on our watch list has posted in a RESTRICTED SENIORS AND STAFF ONLY SUB-FORUM ?



It's like letting group members know when group STAFF have posted in the STAFF ONLY area o_0